The Enigma of Pain and Prayer

Emotional pain in its relationship to prayer poses an enigma. Pain often leads to prayer, to a crying out to God as we sense that no human help will do; but it can just as easily pull the plug on prayer, shutting the heart down so that the will to pray withers and dies; the same experience pressures the human heart one way or the other.

Prayer; On Which Side to Begin?

Prayer is not just an act of talking to God in any manner or form that I fancy.  I do not mean by this that prayer, if it is to be effective, must take the form of some carefully prescribed liturgy; you do not have to pray the same way your great-grandmother prayed in order […]

Story As Entertainment Or Story As Truth; Why Should It Matter?

Western society embraces stories; western society despises stories.  We read fiction to the tune of billions spent each year, but we don’t believe stories convey truths to be lived by.  Stories grab us by the ears, but only the hardest edged logic is trusted.  Towards analysis and facts we have no suspicion, but narratives are […]